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About us

Ever since we have established the music institute WeGotGuru, we kept our goal in mind and that is to bring out talents from our students and letting them shine. The comfort our music school provides to the learners here is of the highest standard, so is our 3-floor well-furnished infrastructure and the instruments as well as the equipment used here. Each room is considered as the jam room because of the several instruments and the music classes that take place inside. Hence, each room has adequate space for the students and teachers.

Our Gurus are the best in town, they are co-operative, friendly, interactive with students, very skilful in the instruments they teach and their years of experience allows them to be qualified as professionals. We are located at #4,7th main Subh Enclave, Haralur Road, Bangalore. Being away from the city disturbance and in a calm environmental place, this emphasizes more opportunity for students to focus in classes. Our classes don’t take up much of student’s time and that helps them learn efficiently, giving them enough time to practice on what has been learnt. We also assess them through exams which approves them with a certification or degree. We’ve been conducting concerts and other events. We provide lessons for learning Western vocal training/instruments, Carnatic vocal training/instruments, Graphic design, Photoshop, and other art classes such as dance, painting etc. We have
an equipped in-house studio for music recording and video editing, facilitated with the best softwares in the business/tech scene. We function from 3:00PM-8PM on weekdays except Thursdays and 8AM-8PM on the weekends. You can enquire more by contacting us.