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  • Monthly fee, Admission fee and one month fee as (returnable) Caution deposit should be paid before commencement of classes. For successive months also, the fee needs to be paid in advance, on or before the first class of each month.
  • In case of students joining the school after the first week of a month, the fee will be collected on a pro­rated basis.
  • Please make sure that you collect a receipt for your fees payments. 
  • WeGotGuru requires a one month notice in writing or by email if you plan to stop the class, for the Caution deposit to be refunded.
  • ­An amount of Rs.100 will be collected as a fine if fee payment is delayed beyond 8th of a month & Rs.200, if fee payment is delayed beyond the 15th of the month.
  • ­Admission fee and Tuition fee are non­refundable and non­transferable.
  • ­WeGotGuru reserves the right to revise the fee rates in future.
  • ­Students are requested to be on time for their classes, since extra time cannot be guaranteed for the time lost. If the parents wish to consult with any tutor, it is recommended that they use the warm up time at the start of the class. Please be sensitive to the other students and the following batches.
  • ­The monthly fee covers only 4 classes, however the school provides 5 classes in case of months, having 5 class days. The 5th class is not charged for. Hence in a full year the student pays for only 48 classes whereas the school provides 52 or 53 classes, thus providing 4 or 5 free classes. Two of these will be used towards
    the yearly shutdown during Dusshera and Christmas/New Year.
  • ­School does not guarantee a compensation, if the student is absent for class, however the students are free to request the concerned teacher for the same. If possible we will accommodate.
  • ­If the student is absent without paying tuition fee and without intimating the school, for 2 weeks, then the school reserves the right to give the time slot to another wait­listed student. Full fee for the month of absence needs to be paid if the student wishes to continue. The previous time slot cannot be guaranteed.
  • ­In case the student is absent without paying fee & without intimating the school for 1 month or more, then the school reserves the right to remove the student from the school rolls. The Caution deposit will be used towards the fee for that month. Registration is required for continuing the classes.
  • ­Students who wish to take one month leave or more, should pay the fee for that month before leaving, if they wish to retain their existing time slot. The 4 or 5 free classes the school provides, mentioned at the onset, can be applied towards these missed classes.
  • ­In case the Teacher/School misses a class due to any reason, a compensation class will be arranged, at a mutually agreeable time.
  • ­For students below 13 years, it is highly recommended that the parents wait in the school premises during the class. In case of a special situation where this cannot be done, the parents are requested to ensure the student goes into the class and to pick them up right after the class. In case of delay, please inform the school and instruct the student to wait inside the school premises.
  • ­Parents of younger students, please make sure that you have given your email address as well as two mobile numbers to the school.
  • ­Course materials, invites for recitals, student assessment updates, monthly fee reminders are emailed by the school to the students/parents.
  • Students need to bring their own musical instruments (except for Piano & Drums), music books, as well as accessories like guitar pick, metronome, drum sticks, notations stand for classes.
  • ­Musical performances by the students are a part of our curriculum, and occasionally
    students will have rehearsals for the same in class.
  • The school reserves the right to photograph or videograph some classes and performances. If you have any concerns kindly talk to the administration.
  • Unlike many other institutes WeGotGuru ensures quality of classes by limiting the number of students to 4 or 5. This means the tutor and the school take a financial hit. Our tutors feel this is worth it to keep the quality high. In return for this sacrifice the tutors need to be guaranteed payment for the slots committed to them.