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FAQ’s :
1. What kind of music classes do you teach?
     We teach almost all kinds of common Music classes. Western and Indian. Vocal and Instruments, Classical and contemporary. We also teach art as well as Audio recording, Music creation, Music theory etc.
2. What is the frequency of classes?
     We teach once a week for an hour in small groups.
3. Is once a week class good enough to learn well?
     Yes it is. The key is to practice daily what you learn in the class. Practicing daily for about 15 to 20 minutes  Will ensure you see good progress.
4. How long will it take for me to get to a good level in a vocal or instrument class?
     It could be 6 months or a few years. This will be determined by the practice time you put in, how much of related music you listen to and your musical abilities. 
5. Do you have weekend classes?
     We teach weekends as well as week day evenings. We have selected classes during week day mornings as well.
6. Is there a sufficient parking area for parents?
      WeGotGuru is located in a predominantly residential area. But we are lucky to have a lot of parking space  and wide roads. Its a quiet location. But we fervently request our customers to respect the residents and park their vehicles with sensitivity. Kindly do not speed, do not park on the turns and do not park close to any gates or on the middle of the road.
7. Should we carry our own instrument to the classes? 
    Except for Piano and Drums all other students learning instruments need to bring their own instruments. It is important to practice on their own instrument. However for the first 2-3 classes we provide instruments so you can be sure of the student's interest in the class before you invest in an instrument.
8. Are there weekend classes?
    We have weekend classes (we are open from 8 am to 8 pm) as well as weekday evening classes.
9. Does WGG provide certification?
    For Western music we are partnered with the Trinity College of London for certification. Professors from Trinity travel to our school every six months to conduct certification exams. For Indian music we help prepare students for the popular boards and certifications.
10. What’s the age group for the music classes?
     We teach students from 3.5 to senior citizens. Age is no bar. But we ask you to have a passion for music.
11. Can FeesPayment be paid in installments?
     Fees has to be paid at the start of the month. We provide you time till the 15th of a month to pay the fees.  There is a late fine beyond that. When you join you also need to pay a Registration fee and Caution deposit.
12. What are the modes of paymentfees?
     Debit/Credit cards, Cheques and Cash.
13. Are parents allowed to sit through the ongoing classes?
     For smaller kids the parents can sit in the class for the first couple of sessions to settle them in. But in general it is not encouraged. It is best to give children the independence to learn on their own.
14. Are there concerts from the students for parents?
     We conduct a lot of in-school concerts for students and even parents.
15. Can i drop out of the class for travel during vacations?
     We teach in small groups of 4-5 students for all the Western music classes. For Indian music some group  classes go up to 8 students. Since the class sizes are small it is important to plan your travel early. We require you to pay the fees even during the travels. We will help you make up for lost classes as much as possible. Alternately you can drop out of the class and then Register again when you are back. In this case we do not guarantee the sale slot or teacher always.